How To Keep Hydrated Skin In The Winter

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By: AnnaMarie Jones

It’s that time of year again. The walk to our car is a bit more brisk and we are adding on more and more layers. You probably have noticed that your skin is slowly starting to change as well. More dry in certain areas or maybe even some redness where it usually isn’t? That’s more than normal. Our bodies change with the elements around us so we might as well get prepared for our skin to be different in these cold months compared to when the weather was warm and felt good. I always make sure to keep specific products with me at all times when the weather gets cold and incorporate them into my daily skincare routine to keep the hydration I like all year round. And lucky for you it’s the season of giving so I won’t keep them to myself.

Starting at the top of the list with our tried and true, everyone’s go-to product for hydration, and that’s the Watercress Hydration Cascade by Farmhouse Fresh. This moisturizer tackles basically everything I previously mentioned and is totally versatile with when and how to apply it. This Farmhouse Fresh product can be used in the morning with your daytime skincare routine or before you apply your makeup, it can be used at night as a nighttime moisturizer, or as an overnight mask if applied with a more generous amount. The moisturizer is also gel based which means it’s formulated with water as it’s main ingredient instead of oil. Although both ingredients are beneficial for moisturizing the skin, water is best for dehydrated skin and that’s exactly what starts to happen when the weather gets more cold. This is a staple piece that can help you keep your refreshed, hydrated look all year round and should definitely make its way into your skincare routine this season.

While we’re on the topic of Farmhouse Fresh, they also have a mask that targets similar skin concerns like the Watercress Hydration Cascade moisturizer does. The Pajama Paste Mask is the second product that should find itself in your skincare bag this winter. This is a soothing active yogurt mask that you can actually feel working when you apply it. It instantly cools your skin while soothing and moisturizing any dryness and redness on your face. Remember when I mentioned your skin getting more red when it’s cold out? Yeah, this is your guy for helping with that. Not only does it moisturize and help reduce redness but this mask also has anti-aging elements on top of that! I know, say less right? This Farmhouse Fresh product is a bit stronger than the first one I mentioned, so it shouldn’t be used on skin that’s too sensitive but would be a perfect fit for someone looking to tackle redness, anti-aging, and keep their skin hydrated consistently.

My last two winter favorites for dry skin are by a different brand, Derma E, and they’re actually a great dynamic duo. That would be the Hydrating Day Cream and Hydrating Night Cream. Start your morning off by applying the day cream by itself, with other skincare products, or even under your makeup. It has hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated all day and also green tea that helps to soften and smooth your skin for a more youthful look. Once the day is done, that’s when the night cream comes in. With a generous layer, the product works its way into the skin throughout the night and distributes hydration and anti-aging moisture that stays deep within your skin. If that doesn’t sound like the two most needed things in your skincare routine, I don’t know what does! 

Just because it’s the season of giving and I’m also here looking out for you and the health of your skin, I have a few more tips for at home that you can do before or after your skincare routine, or just whenever you need some extra TLC. First, I’d recommend sleeping with a humidifier in the room. This is beneficial for many reasons, not just for the sake of your skin. The air in the house can keep dry in the winter and when you sleep, your entire body can feel dehydrated when you wake up so just imagine what it’s doing to your skin. Adding moisture into the air you’re breathing when your body is resting will help you wake up feeling hydrated and refreshed and will pair nicely with the moisturizing skin care you put on the night before. Another tip is to try to eat foods that are rich in water. With the colder weather comes the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes a lot of food. Food that isn’t always super hydrating for your skin. Once all the cookies and cornbread are taken care of, incorporating some water rich fruits and veggies back into your daily meals will help to re-balance and hydrate your skin. Lastly, the obvious but frequently overlooked tip to hydrated skin, is water. Drink it up! When you know you’ll be outside for a while shoveling snow, have a glass of water before you go out and a warm cup of tea after. If you know you’ll be at home socially distanced and having a few drinks to celebrate the new year, spend the day hydrating with water beforehand. If you pay attention to these small details, you will definitely start to see the results.

6 Trends of Summer 2020 That You Need to Try

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Written by AnnaMarie Jones

Long awaited summer time is finally here and the world is still in a state of uncertainty. While there’s a lot that’s stressful nowadays, your look shouldn’t be one of them. I would love nothing more than to share some colorful, lighthearted and positive vibes with you through six of the hottest trends making their way into the season. We will get through these weird times and we’ll do it together, just with a cuter look than what we were sporting during quarantine.

Our eyes are the ones doing most of the talking during these days of wearing masks, so why not make them stand out? Bold looks, for both eye shadow and liners, are huge this summer and 2020 so far as a whole. So many have already taken their artistic touch to their makeup application from vibrant eyeliner creations with various shapes and patterns to their own attempt at the smoked out “Alexa Demie” fox eye look. We’re bringing “smizing” back and making Tyra Banks proud this summer.

The next look that everyone is recreating, I’ve had my whole life, so really one could say I’ve been a trendsetter from the start. Or I just say it. Either way, the hot look is freckles! Just as we predicted for 2020 trends in our 2019 wrap-up blog, people are starting to love natural looks more and more and are happy sharing that. Those whose freckles come out naturally in the sun and those who need to dot on a few at the end of their daily skin care and makeup routines, are all in love with the sun kissed look.

With a natural face becoming a crowd favorite, that brings us to skin care. Summer is the best time to let our skin breathe and soak up some vitamin D but we also must be gentle with and protect our skin while doing so. The number one way to keep your natural skin healthy and glowy is to have a trusty sunscreen with you throughout the season. A sunscreen that only focuses on protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays and doesn’t mess around with parabens, sulfates or fragrances. If you want your bare skin to be the staple look of your summer season, make sure to keep it protected and healthy.

Our faces aren’t the only thing taking natural form this summer. Natural hair patterns are popping up more and more as 2020 goes on. Whether it be letting your curl patterns be free or not putting heat to your naturally straightened hair, the look of fresh out of the shower, big and bouncy or effortless beach wave hairstyles are the perfect fit to the natural vibes 2020 has already been giving off for beauty trends.

So let’s talk more about hair. Quarantine gave us a lot of time to sit and think about our choices. Some of us remained calm and waited for our favorite stylists to be back behind the chair.. some of us took matters (and scissors) into our own hands. With that being said, front bangs are making a statement, and with various styles. Short, vintage inspired bangs. Full, choppy bangs that perfectly pair the also currently popular modern shag. And of course, the timeless, long 70’s style bangs. Maybe it’s boredom, maybe it’s a new found courage we met during hours of one-on-one time with ourselves. Either way, bangs are back and I am not mad about it.

As just mentioned, so much excitement is happening around front bangs right now. But do you really know excitement unless you’ve colored your bangs a completely different color from the rest of your hair? Hard to tell. I’d say you’re missing out if you haven’t at least seen the newest hair trend. People of all ages have been getting creative with their front bang expression and applying vibrant colors to the hair surrounding their face. No, it may not be for everyone, but whether the hair is bleached a few tones lighter than the rest of your head or the color is a vibrant fuchsia, there’s no doubt that this hair trend will be one of the hottest of the summer!

As we continue to move along throughout the year, the most important trend of all is our health. Keeping the health and well being of ourselves and others around us is what will make the summer and the rest of 2020 the best it can possibly be.

Stay Relaxed and Treat Yourself While at Home

Written by AnnaMarie Jones

I can’t be the only one who feels like they’re slowly becoming a lead character in an isolation film. Like I’m a famous romance novelist being trapped in the mountains until I create the perfect ending to my next book. Or I’ve lost my mind inside a haunted hotel where only twins are the checked in guests. Either way, we are in some really weird times right now. It’s easy to feel disconnected or frazzled when things around us are a bit crazy, but just because you’re spending all this time with yourself doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enjoy it. I’d like to offer up some easy, at-home tricks to keep yourself calm and relaxed with little to no effort. We all deserve to unwind while live rebalances. Put down the red paint, it’s not quite the time to start making friends out of your kid’s volleyball.


When I know I’m going to be spending an extended amount of time in my house or in one space, I like to make the area as calming and comforting as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to have essential oils on deck. Whether you’re drawing yourself a hot bath for alone time or you’re creating a relaxing space for the whole household, using essential oils that use soothing ingredients really make all the difference. Adding a few drops into your bubble bath or in a diffuser is all you need. In times like this, it would be best to use oils that focus on anxiety, sleep and calmness, and luckily there are a good amount of them that target all three. Lavender, chamomile, rose, jasmine and bergamot are a handful of ingredients you’ll find in essential oils that work to relax your mind and body. If you’re planning an at-home spa day or want to keep the calm vibes around everyday, make sure to have your favorite essential oil handy to set the tone and kick off your relaxation.

How many of us have wished they could call up their hairstylist for a house call appointment during the past few months? I’m right there with you. All I ask of you is to put away any scissors or thoughts of trimming your own hair and temporarily treat your dried ends in a safer way. You may not know it but you could very easily have all the ingredients to make your own hair mask right in your kitchen cabinets. Although nothing can beat having a fresh shampoo and style or conditioning treatment we can come close with some simple remedies. Instead of using your overripe bananas for banana bread (I mean… you could do both) pair it with an avocado and some coconut oil for a moisturizing hair mask. The natural oils and potassium of the banana will prevent split ends and breakage by protecting the elasticity of your hair, while the avocado will provide vitamin B to help the strength and growth of your hair. You can take it one step further by substituting the banana for a lemon and adding honey and some of your lavender essential oil while it’s handy and create a mask that acts as a natural, antibacterial detangler and scalp conditioner. Other simple ingredients you can use in various mixtures are egg yolk, olive oil, yogurt, sweet potato and apple cider vinegar. It’ll be easier explaining the leftover banana chunks in your hair to your stylist rather than showing up with a homemade buzz cut.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have time for homemade beauty and wellness remedies, we’re lucky enough to know a top skincare line that will let you pick out your favorite skincare products from home to be shipped right to your doorstep, without leaving your bed. I have sensitive skin, especially right now when I don’t have access to facials by my favorite estheticians but thankfully some of my favorite masks are made by Farmhouse Fresh who just so happen to make restocking my skincare products easy even when we have to stay at home. After spending only $30 picking out my products, which trust me is very easy to do, I then go right over to pick out my favorite hand cream to get completely free! With using the code KNICK at checkout, I’m able to get my facial products plus a bonus product as well. Especially now, it’s nice to have those additional luxuries sent right to your front door.

Lastly, it may seem simple but something as small as moving your body and being active can drastically increase your overall mood. By participating in an online workout video, practicing your favorite yoga poses or even just stretching and going for a walk outside in the fresh air, you gain many benefits such as improved sleep, better focus throughout the day and an overall improved mindset. 

During these strange times, we need to remember that keeping ourselves and our well being in mind is a top priority and shouldn’t be pushed aside. By using these simple tips and tricks that can easily be accomplished from the comfort of your home, I hope you’re able to use the time with yourself to focus your mind and treat yourself to moments of relaxation.

Survival Guide for Sensitive Skin

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Written by AnnaMarie Jones

Prone to fast-acting breakouts after a single sweet treat or irritation when trying a new collection of skincare products? I’m right there with you and feel your frustration. Sensitive skin is a tricky trait to master. Knowing what’s best for your skin type, where to even start when building a skincare routine and what to maybe steer clear of are just some of the tips and tricks within the five main steps of our very own Survival Guide for Sensitive Skin. These five steps can assist anyone struggling with their current routine or looking for the right first steps towards what’s best for their delicate skin. I don’t plan on skipping out on any donuts anytime soon, so neither should you.

If you know you’re someone with sensitive skin, reading all product labels should be the first step in any new purchase. Keeping an eye out for ingredients such as fragrance, harsh exfoliants, alcohol and excessive essential oils can impact the health of your skin significantly. Components such as these can cause reactions like breakouts from added scented products, irritation from topical essential oils that are too potent for some skin types, dry patches from the alcohol and even more sensitivity and rawness to already sensitive skin if over exfoliated. 

Whether it’s shopping at Sephora, looking through this month’s Macy’s catalog or scrolling through social media, it seems like there’s almost always a new product hitting the market. And I’m not just talking about skin care. Makeup products are rapidly evolving and brands are fast to give their consumers the newest and hottest collections. Before you collect your Beauty Insider points, slow things down to see if this purchase is actually a good fit for you. Aside from taking our first survival guide step and reading all the labels for any alarming ingredients, get a sample first. You’d be surprised how many retail locations will give you a sample of a new product before you make your final purchase. Giving your skin the time it needs to feel out a new moisturizer, liquid foundation, primer, toner or concealer could very easily be just the key step in getting to know your skin even better. With skin care products, start with a small patch somewhere that can easily be covered in the case of a reaction, such as the underside of your jaw or behind the ear. Give the product a day or two to see how it works with your skin. If all is well, start slowing working the new product into your skincare routine and keep an eye on how it works with any other products you may include before or after it. With makeup, the same rules apply. Testing out a new liquid product on your jawline and then slowly adding it in with any other prep or set products will ensure this new purchase is a good fit for you.

Being someone who’s had sensitive skin nearly my whole life, through trial and error, I’ve found that out of all the gentle ingredients out there, the “greens” are my personal Holy Grail. Ingredients that are in the green group should come as no surprise, as they are aloe, green tea, cucumber, cucumber seed oil, avocado and so on. These ingredients are equally soothing as they are gentle. They are also great stepping stones for someone branching into the skincare world who’s aware of their sensitive skin type. Trying out products with greens as their main ingredient is an easy way to prep your skin for new additions to your routine and figure out what direction to go in from there. Green ingredients are also great for soothing any irritation your skin may already have. A small amount of aloe on a burn or green tea on puffy and red skin can go a long way.

People may think the way to better skin is to lather on the product and wait to watch the results. For some, that works. For others, less is more. A small amount of both, makeup and skincare, can make more of a positive difference than over applying. In some cases, excessive product can clog pores, irritate the skin or cause unwanted skin texture, among other side effects depending on skin type. Specifically to sensitive skin, which is prone to these skin reactions more than other skin types, it would be a good call using only the recommended amount of product per use.

The last step of our survival guide should also be the last step in your skincare routine. After the toner, eye cream, moisturizer and oil, lock it all together with a healthy layer of SPF. Protecting your skin from UV rays and the damage overexposure to direct sunlight can cause will help any skin type keep its outer and inner health much longer. Though it’s a great tip for those of us whose skin is extra sensitive in general, using a sunscreen or other SPF product is beneficial for any skin type and any age. 


There you have it. Five quick ways to get started or add to your skincare routine if you’re someone who’s starting to notice your skin becoming more sensitive or even if you’ve had it your whole life. Although our survival guide to you only consists of five steps, take these tips into your own hands to see what works best for your skin type, routine and lifestyle. It will take some patience and trials but with every conscious move, you’ll be closer to mastering your skincare while still indulging in all things sweet treats.