Why You Should Be Having Monthly Spa Days

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We’re all familiar with those “you” days. The, phone: off, kids: babysat, work: finished, homework: turned in, responsibilities: TBD, kind of days. It is the day to unwind and turn your brain off for a couple hours and treat yourself to a spa day. You have an hour and a half date with your favorite massage therapist and all that matters are you and your 90 minutes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those days weren’t so rare? Well, let me tell you– they don’t have to be. Oh yeah, I said that. Monthly massages! It’s a new decade. You’re busy, you’re tired, I’m tired just thinking of how busy you are. It’s time to give your mind, soul and body a little extra TLC. So why not give yourself even an extra hour to your schedule to unwind and focus on you? If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry, I have a few more reasons why a monthly massage would be beneficial.

When you’re stressed, one of the first changes that your body goes through is the tightening of muscles. The tension focused in your muscles can result in pain and stiffness throughout specific points of the body. When those muscles are worked out through massage and therapeutic touch, the tightening begins to loosen along with the rebalancing of your hormones. Not to mention it also changes your mood in the mix of everything else. Studies have shown that the “feel good” neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, are released in the body when you’re in a massage service. A lot of people come out of their sessions feeling a light, floaty feeling of relaxation and a happy, calm mood. Those are your neurotransmitters at work. Serotonin is proven to contribute to anxiety and depression when levels are low, as dopamine levels can make you feel a lack of energy and motivation when low. Therefore, the addition to a frequent massage visit in your monthly routine will help you to tackle the rest of your month with a more positive and ambitious mindset. 

Speaking of anxiety, about 40 million people have some form of it or find it relevant in their day to day life, and that should be talked about more. Everyone dealing with their stress levels or managing their anxieties, know the various effects it can have on the body. Like mentioned before, high stress levels can lead to tightened muscles but it can also create headaches, changes in your blood pressure and irregularity in your sleep cycle, just to name three. Along with relaxing the muscles and focusing on pressure points to alleviate pressure in the head, causing headaches, massage also forces the body to relax. If you are someone with high blood pressure or someone with difficulty falling or staying asleep, massage can benefit these two different problems in similar ways. When your mind and body are slowed down and relaxed, blood pressure levels slow as well. Equally, as your blood pressure slows, your heart rate also slows down to a steady rate, which is what happens when your body prepares to fall asleep. Having a consistent massage helps to force your whole body to calm down and relax, overall resulting in preparation for sleep by having tensions released and blood pressure levels steadied.

Making room in your busy schedule for a trip to your favorite massage therapist will only improve the productivity set to go through your month. If, after hearing just the beginning of how monthly massages are beneficial, you’re still asking yourself, “Yeah, that all sounds perfect for me, but do I really have the extra money laying around for a massage every month?”, there are options. Monthly memberships are always available to any client at a steady rate. With this membership, one of your monthly benefit options would be an hour massage with your choice of massage therapist. Having these options available allows us to help anyone looking to build their own schedule and make their monthly massage a priority. The well-being of your mind and body need to always stay at the top of your checklist, so why not pencil in a monthly date to do just that.

Survival Guide for Sensitive Skin

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Prone to fast-acting breakouts after a single sweet treat or irritation when trying a new collection of skincare products? I’m right there with you and feel your frustration. Sensitive skin is a tricky trait to master. Knowing what’s best for your skin type, where to even start when building a skincare routine and what to maybe steer clear of are just some of the tips and tricks within the five main steps of our very own Survival Guide for Sensitive Skin. These five steps can assist anyone struggling with their current routine or looking for the right first steps towards what’s best for their delicate skin. I don’t plan on skipping out on any donuts anytime soon, so neither should you.

If you know you’re someone with sensitive skin, reading all product labels should be the first step in any new purchase. Keeping an eye out for ingredients such as fragrance, harsh exfoliants, alcohol and excessive essential oils can impact the health of your skin significantly. Components such as these can cause reactions like breakouts from added scented products, irritation from topical essential oils that are too potent for some skin types, dry patches from the alcohol and even more sensitivity and rawness to already sensitive skin if over exfoliated. 

Whether it’s shopping at Sephora, looking through this month’s Macy’s catalog or scrolling through social media, it seems like there’s almost always a new product hitting the market. And I’m not just talking about skin care. Makeup products are rapidly evolving and brands are fast to give their consumers the newest and hottest collections. Before you collect your Beauty Insider points, slow things down to see if this purchase is actually a good fit for you. Aside from taking our first survival guide step and reading all the labels for any alarming ingredients, get a sample first. You’d be surprised how many retail locations will give you a sample of a new product before you make your final purchase. Giving your skin the time it needs to feel out a new moisturizer, liquid foundation, primer, toner or concealer could very easily be just the key step in getting to know your skin even better. With skin care products, start with a small patch somewhere that can easily be covered in the case of a reaction, such as the underside of your jaw or behind the ear. Give the product a day or two to see how it works with your skin. If all is well, start slowing working the new product into your skincare routine and keep an eye on how it works with any other products you may include before or after it. With makeup, the same rules apply. Testing out a new liquid product on your jawline and then slowly adding it in with any other prep or set products will ensure this new purchase is a good fit for you.

Being someone who’s had sensitive skin nearly my whole life, through trial and error, I’ve found that out of all the gentle ingredients out there, the “greens” are my personal Holy Grail. Ingredients that are in the green group should come as no surprise, as they are aloe, green tea, cucumber, cucumber seed oil, avocado and so on. These ingredients are equally soothing as they are gentle. They are also great stepping stones for someone branching into the skincare world who’s aware of their sensitive skin type. Trying out products with greens as their main ingredient is an easy way to prep your skin for new additions to your routine and figure out what direction to go in from there. Green ingredients are also great for soothing any irritation your skin may already have. A small amount of aloe on a burn or green tea on puffy and red skin can go a long way.

People may think the way to better skin is to lather on the product and wait to watch the results. For some, that works. For others, less is more. A small amount of both, makeup and skincare, can make more of a positive difference than over applying. In some cases, excessive product can clog pores, irritate the skin or cause unwanted skin texture, among other side effects depending on skin type. Specifically to sensitive skin, which is prone to these skin reactions more than other skin types, it would be a good call using only the recommended amount of product per use.

The last step of our survival guide should also be the last step in your skincare routine. After the toner, eye cream, moisturizer and oil, lock it all together with a healthy layer of SPF. Protecting your skin from UV rays and the damage overexposure to direct sunlight can cause will help any skin type keep its outer and inner health much longer. Though it’s a great tip for those of us whose skin is extra sensitive in general, using a sunscreen or other SPF product is beneficial for any skin type and any age. 


There you have it. Five quick ways to get started or add to your skincare routine if you’re someone who’s starting to notice your skin becoming more sensitive or even if you’ve had it your whole life. Although our survival guide to you only consists of five steps, take these tips into your own hands to see what works best for your skin type, routine and lifestyle. It will take some patience and trials but with every conscious move, you’ll be closer to mastering your skincare while still indulging in all things sweet treats.


10 Year Challenge: Beauty Trends Edition

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The New Year is finally here and with the end of 2019 wrapping up also means a wrap on the decade. Yes, I know. I’m as shocked writing it as you are reading it. A whole decade is coming to a close. Throughout the past ten years there have been some truly iconic trends. Not that I’m not saying each one were winners, I mean we all remember the cinnamon challenge. But without a doubt, the 2010s were memorable. As more and more people share their 10 Year Challenge side-by-sides on Instagram, it’s clear to see that a big part of the differences are due to the beauty trends. Though we may not love them like we used to and the Facebook Memories feature gets cringier and cringer, it’s only right to look back and honor our favorites as we close such a memorable chapter and step into 2020.

2010: Everyone’s Getting Naked!

Nudes have never gotten more attention! Kicking off the decade were the iconic Naked palettes introduced in 2010 by Urban Decay. This collection of 12 smokey shades were sold online and in Sephora and Ulta stores all over the country. Anyone who got their hands on the new product instantly fell in love with the dark, smoked out look so much that it became one of the biggest staple pieces of 2010.

2011: Side Bangs. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

            Oh yeah, I went there. The infamous side bangs! A full set of voluminous curls or stick straight hair but of course featuring a heavy side part was the look all the top celebrities and teens everywhere were rocking in 2011. Whether is was a classy red carpet style or the staple look of alternative music, anyone was attempting the bold style.

2012: Dark and Smokey

            After the great Naked wave that began in 2010, dark and smokey was a top look for many and continued to make its mark through 2012. But this time paired with an equally as iconic eye look– the waterline eyeliner. My personal favorite for this look was Maybelline’s Define-A-Line eyeliner which went from my makeup bag to my purse continuously, never leaving my side. This could be said for many women of all ages, for all occasions. Pair your liner look with a smokey shadow and dark statement lip and you’d be the picture of 2012 (or my Freshman year high school picture).

2013: Artsy Nails

            2013 was the year we saw so many unleash their inner artist. Before James Charles we had nail art. Whether it was ombre, homemade designs or crackle polish, it’s safe to say everyone seemed to have tried their hand (get it….hand!) at one of the trendiest nail looks of this year.

2014: Intro to Contour

            Do the names Kat Von D and Anastasia Beverly Hills spark any 2014 memories for you? If not, they should because this was the year of CONTOURING! Kat Von D’s Shade and Light contour palette, along with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Contour Kit where soaring off the shelves once the new makeup technique and trend of contouring became wildly popular. Everyone wanted to learn more about their face shapes and try every new product to help enhance, sculpt and bronze their favorite facial features.

2015: Kylie Cosmetics

            That’s right! 2015 was hands down the year of Kylie Jenner and her infamous Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Once the reality star became C.E.O. of her own beauty franchise and took to the internet with her latest products, the world went nuts! Pouty lips were the hottest trend of the year and so many were dying to get their hands on the kit that gave the woman herself such a famous look. Granted Kylie’s look took a bit more tweaking than what was sold through her cosmetic line, consumers were still more than happy to try and recreate their own looks with the tools she provided inside her Lip Kits.


2016: Set on Acrylics

            Once Kylie Jenner took the internet by storm with the introduction of her cosmetic brand, Kylie Cosmetics, the star herself became a beauty trend. Not only was she sporting the newest fashion pieces, working with the top figures in the beauty industry and of course wearing her own line of cosmetic products, Kylie always had on a fresh set of acrylics. Naturally, being in the public eye at such a volume that she was within the past two years, it was no surprise to see more and more people booking their nail appointments for a similar set of acrylics or even a fresh manicure.

2017: Heavy Metal Makes a Comeback

            Metallica and Iron Maiden weren’t the only heavy metals making a comeback this year. Once the Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette made its introduction, everyone wanted to be dripped in silvers and golds. These rich shadows were only the kickstarter to a metallic trend that spread from makeup and nails to the hottest fashion trends of 2017.

2018: Brows, brows, brows!

            We’ve seen them pointy and shaped. We’ve seen them untouched and natural. We’ve seen them thin through the 90’s. That’s right..brows, baby! Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they were the hottest 2018 trend. Pomades, pencils, gels and stencils were flying off the shelves of all Sephora and Ulta locations and into the hands of anyone looking to make their brows sisters not twins.

2019: Celebrating Natural Beauty

            2019 gave a lot of men and women the confidence boost they were waiting for. This was the year that natural beauty was highly celebrated during the decade. Freckles started coming out from hiding, eyebrows were left to grow out how they pleased and skin care became the preferred cosmetic product. Brands such as Tatcha, Drunk Elephant and Curology made a big impact on people feeling proud and ready to show off their favorite natural features.

2020: Predictions

            Now that a whole decade has made its close, what’s to be expected for 2020? Going off of big trends wrapping up 2019 such as skin care lines like Curology, cosmetic launches such as Jeffree Star Cosmetics X Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Palette, edgy haircuts and styles and polished nails for both men and women, it’s safe to say we can plan on seeing a lot of originality and branching off from social norms in the new year. I say we go into the new decade confident, open-minded and excited to make every new and old trend all yours!

3 Foods That Improve the Health of Your Hair

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3 Foods That Improve the Health of Your Hair | Knick Salon & SpaAny day of the week, you could go online and read a new article about which types of food are good for you and the health of your body. However, did you know that the food you choose to put inside your body can have just as much as an effect on the outside? For example, there are quite a few things you can eat to help maintain the overall health of your hair.

How does this work? Well the follicles at the top of your scalp serve as an extension of your body, and the nutrients that you consume funnels through them to the rest of your strands. So what exactly should you be putting on your plate? Here are a few options:

1. Leafy Greens – Iron Is A Huge Contributor To The Prevention Of Hair Loss By Increasing Blood Flow

Iron is a huge contributor to the prevention of hair loss. If your diet is sufficiently lacking in this particular mineral, you may just end up hindering the amount of nutrient-rich blood that travels to your roots. Without that blood supply, you’ll likely experience an increase in shedding as your hair growth cycle adjusts to that loss. Big, green leafy veggies are full of iron, so load up your plate with things like spinach, broccoli and kale.

2. Salmon - Omega 3 Fatty Acids Like Iron Calcium and Silica Help Prevent Hairloss

In case you haven’t already heard, salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which like iron, calcium and silica, can help to prevent hair loss. On top of that however, it can also aid in hydrating your hair and scalp. Unfortunately, this particular fat is not one that your body can produce on its own. If you hope to reap these particular benefits, it’s important that you incorporate salmon (and other Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods, such as avocado and walnuts) into your diet.

3. Fruits – Vitamin C Helps To Absorb Iron Into The Body

So many fruits, such as blueberries, kiwi, oranges and strawberries are high in Vitamin C which, for starters, helps to absorb iron into the body. So if you’re planning to enjoy a nice spinach salad, consider tossing a few colorful berries on top to make your meal as beneficial to your hair health as possible. If you need a bit more incentive, keep in mind that Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining adequate circulation to the scalp and supporting the blood vessels that feed each hair follicle.

In Summary - Watch What You Eat To Protect the Health Of Your Body

Similar to the way that you watch what you eat to protect the health of your body, the same should be done in order to maintain and encourage gorgeous, healthy hair. So the next time you make a trip to the local grocery store, consider adding a few items to your shopping list!