3 Foods That Improve the Health of Your Hair

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3 Foods That Improve the Health of Your Hair | Knick Salon & SpaAny day of the week, you could go online and read a new article about which types of food are good for you and the health of your body. However, did you know that the food you choose to put inside your body can have just as much as an effect on the outside? For example, there are quite a few things you can eat to help maintain the overall health of your hair.

How does this work? Well the follicles at the top of your scalp serve as an extension of your body, and the nutrients that you consume funnels through them to the rest of your strands. So what exactly should you be putting on your plate? Here are a few options:

1. Leafy Greens – Iron Is A Huge Contributor To The Prevention Of Hair Loss By Increasing Blood Flow

Iron is a huge contributor to the prevention of hair loss. If your diet is sufficiently lacking in this particular mineral, you may just end up hindering the amount of nutrient-rich blood that travels to your roots. Without that blood supply, you’ll likely experience an increase in shedding as your hair growth cycle adjusts to that loss. Big, green leafy veggies are full of iron, so load up your plate with things like spinach, broccoli and kale.

2. Salmon - Omega 3 Fatty Acids Like Iron Calcium and Silica Help Prevent Hairloss

In case you haven’t already heard, salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which like iron, calcium and silica, can help to prevent hair loss. On top of that however, it can also aid in hydrating your hair and scalp. Unfortunately, this particular fat is not one that your body can produce on its own. If you hope to reap these particular benefits, it’s important that you incorporate salmon (and other Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods, such as avocado and walnuts) into your diet.

3. Fruits – Vitamin C Helps To Absorb Iron Into The Body

So many fruits, such as blueberries, kiwi, oranges and strawberries are high in Vitamin C which, for starters, helps to absorb iron into the body. So if you’re planning to enjoy a nice spinach salad, consider tossing a few colorful berries on top to make your meal as beneficial to your hair health as possible. If you need a bit more incentive, keep in mind that Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining adequate circulation to the scalp and supporting the blood vessels that feed each hair follicle.

In Summary - Watch What You Eat To Protect the Health Of Your Body

Similar to the way that you watch what you eat to protect the health of your body, the same should be done in order to maintain and encourage gorgeous, healthy hair. So the next time you make a trip to the local grocery store, consider adding a few items to your shopping list!