A Deep Dive Into Gel Nail Extensions

Kira K Nail, Nailcare 0 Comments

By: AnnaMarie Jones


Maybe I’ve been living under a rock. Maybe there are others like me who haven’t had the chance to check out gel nail extensions yet. More and more people are hopping on the train, such as JLO and Cardi B, so I’m for sure getting up to speed. I did some digging, for the both of us, and I’m officially obsessed. Gel extensions are similar to acrylics when it comes to the finished look, but there are a few key differences that are making these nails the hottest new trend.

Let’s start with how they’re made. Acrylics are formed using a liquid activated powder, while gel extensions are made of hard gel or structure gel, and are cured with a UV or LED light. Working with the extensions molded and sized already, makes the beginning manicure process a lot easier. Not to mention, the gel extensions are much safer and healthier. The chemicals in the acrylic powder are strong and can be harmful to breathe in. With gel extensions, your desired shape and length are already shaped and sized, all that’s left is to apply them similar to press-on nails, and finish it off with your choice of color or design. Way more harmless, and way more efficient. 

What about the longevity of the gel extensions? Well, unlike acrylic sets, you can trim and shape your extensions yourself if you decide you want to keep up with the maintenance and look of the extensions. Plus, if you have a regular nail polish, you can easily remove your current color and give yourself a fresh coat, right at home! (Even though we love seeing your faces and would be more than happy to do that for you.) Not only is the longevity of the gel extension a plus side, but the longevity and health of your natural nail is as well. Even though both options, acrylic and gel extensions, are adding some adhesive coating to your top nail layer, the extension option is only using a nail glue, while acrylics use the thick powder that sets on the nails. When it comes to the removal of a set, gel extensions allow for a less damaging top layer to your natural nails because the only product holding the two together, is the thin nail glue. 

Let’s talk about the finished look, that’s what everyone’s here for anyways. How can I style gel extensions? Am I limited to only one shape because they’re ready for application when I get to my appointment? To answer both of these questions simply, all I can say is– the world is yours! You can get the extensions in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Depending on your mood, the season, an event you’re going to, the outfit you’ve been waiting to wear and need the perfect set for, whatever it is, there’s something for you to get done. Nail art and added textures, such as gems and stones, are also an option to amp up your gel extensions. It’s crazy how so much personality and expression can be applied on such a small canvas.

Now that you have more information on what gel nail extensions are and are hopefully getting eager to find the closest salon that offers this service, allow me to let you in on the best part of this whole chat: Look no further, we have now added gel extensions to our service menu! I know, I know– I was just as excited, but let me make it easier for you. Our fabulously talented nail tech, Vicki, is ready to take all of your appointments, which you can make right HERE! Follow the link and click ‘Manicure’, then off you are to set up a nail date with you and our newest nail tech. My Pinterest boards are on fire right now with all my ideas for future appointments I’m planning on booking. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t waste any time getting yours scheduled and joining all the hype with your fresh set of gel extensions.