Wed, 04 May 2016

Color Correcting Makeup

color wheelAre you finding that your concealer just isn’t giving you enough coverage? Well here’s a fun trick called color-correcting, that will take any concealer to the next level. It uses complementary, or opposite colors, on the color wheel in order to cancel out any discoloration on the skin. The main colors used to color correct are green, lavender, yellow, and pink/salmon.


Green cancels out red. Any redness from rosacea, acne, or scars can be easily counteracted with a light application of the green concealer.

Lavender cancels out yellow. This is a great way to combat any sallowness or hyperpigmentation.

Yellow cancels out purple. Dark, purple-toned under eye circles will be reduced and by applying a light flush of yellow all over the skin, you can add radiance and warmth under your foundation.

Pink/ Salmon neutralizes green and blue toned under eye circles as well as stubborn hyperpigmentation that won’t subside with just lavender.

When color correcting, it is important to do a very light application of the color corrector and to immediately set it with a translucent powder before applying your skin toned concealer. Finish your look off with foundation and a setting powder for an absolutely radiant and flawless looking complexion.

Color Correction