Milwaukee's Destination Organic Vegan Salon and Spa

Mother Day's Specials

Knick Salon and Spa, Milwaukee’s premier vegan, organic, salon and spa, offers a variety of services at affordable rates. Hair services, spa treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures are just a touch of what this unique local establishment has to offer. With years of experience, our specialists go above and beyond to make sure guests leave feeling relaxed, healthy and beautiful. Looking to celebrate a girl’s night out or a bachelorette party? How about a day of relaxation? From small to large, whatever the occasion may be, Knick Salon and Spa has you covered.

Further, many of our customers love to visit our salon for a day of rest and relaxation.  For example, many couples come in for a retreat from their hectic lives, or so they can spend Valentine’s Day or another romantic event together.  Also, we are popular destination for customers looking to celebrate a girl’s night out or a bachelorette party.

In order to provide the best service and care to our customers, we use organic products that are healthy for both you and the environment. Moreover, we take a proactive approach in limiting our environmental footprint by reducing waste, preserving water and keeping our overall energy use down.

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