Kelli Mainstreet Host

I have been a licensed esthetician since 2011 and a cosmetologist since 2012. I graduated from both programs up in Wausau, WI at the State College of Beauty Culture. I have also been a massage therapist since 2019 after completing a Massage Program at IBW in downtown Milwaukee. I originally got into this industry because of my love for makeup. As time went on and I learned more about hair, skin, nails and the body, I instantly fell in love with everything this industry has to offer. I enjoy helping men and women feel confident as well as relaxed. I spent a few years strictly doing hair, took a break and spent a few more years as a brow expert. I realized I wanted to incorporate all my skills instead of just one area. Deep tissue massages are one of my specialties and is something that I trully enjoy. Here at the Knick Salon and Spa I am able to use all my skills and I couldn’t be happier!

Customer Feedback

“Kelly N is wonderful at what she does. Great attention to detail.”

“Best deep tissue massage I've had in a while! Found my new place to go.”

“It was my first massage and wellness experience in Wisconsin. Kelli did a phenomenal job making a very lasting impression I will definitely return”