Berevon (Von) ben ryan

Berevon studied massage therapy at Aveda, Institute of Beauty and Wellness. He found his passion for massage after his mother experienced multiple car accidents. He wanted to find an alternative from medication to help restore her body. Throughout the program, he learned a variety of modalities with reflexology & muscle release techniques becoming second nature. Since pressure levels are personal preferences, he finds ways to blend in healing and relaxation. With great listening skills and his attention to palpation, he brings a personal rhythm to make your massage more than a treatment. Berevon has aspirations of massaging all of Milwaukee. 

Customer Feedback

“Amazing massage!!! I recommended Von to 2 of my neighbors after! “

“Von did an amazing job with my massage and was very knowledgeable in some tips for things I could do after I left.”

“Von knew what he was doing. Used the same technique on both feet and both hands. Also helped that he has great knowledge of anatomy and therefore good feel for anatomy such as adjusting pressure.”