Ashley Mainstreet Host

I started my beauty and wellness journey when I realized that the medical field (working as a dental assistant) wasn't my cup of tea. I wanted a career that was more creative and free spirited. I always loved receiving facials and I knew I wanted to do something that makes people feel good. So, in 2006, I decided to go to the ViCi Aveda Institute in Greenfield to pursue what now is my passion. My favorite quote is "A happy life consists in tranquility of mind". I try my best to live by that and I feel as if I can help others do the same by offering a relaxing environment and a soothing touch, all while making their skin and soul glow! I'm also a huge advocate of eco friendly and cruelty free beauty. I love enjoying nature and I will do my part to help protect it.  Hence, in my spare time you can find me camping, hiking, or traveling the country to see all the sights. I'm currently enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness to continue my career and wellness journey.