PhytoSpecific's revolutionary non-chemical PHYTORELAXER relaxes or texturizes all hair types with maximum safety.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How does PhytoRelaxes differ from other relaxers?

A. PhytoRelaxes is effective yet different because it permanently relaxes the hair without harsh chemicals or irritation usually associated with chemical relaxers. It does not contain any Lithium, Calcium or Sodium hydroxides or Thio.(Ammonium Thioglycolate)

Q. What is the active ingredient(s) in PhytoRelaxer?

A. The active ingredients in the straightening cream are a complex of egg and soy extracts. these ingredients are from 100% botanical origin and are hyporallergenic.

Q. Is Phytorelaxer compatible with all relaxers?

A. PhytoRelaxer is compatible with all relaxers except for thio-based relaxers.

Q. Can I use the PhytoRelaxer at home or should I go to a salon?

We recommend having a professional stylist consultation proir to the PhytoRelaxer application. The stylist can better evaluate the condition of your hair and suggest the appropriate index and timing for your hair texture to assure the best results.

Q. How soon can I wash my hair after the PhytoRelaxer application?

A. Wait at least 72 hours. Use the appropriate PhytoSpecific shampoo and conditioner designed for nourishing relaxed hair (level 2-intense nutrition shampoo and mask).

Q. How often do you need to use the PhytoRelaxer?

A. Thy PhytoRelaxer may be used every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on new growth, texture, or condition of the hair. A suggicient amount of new growth must be present in order to properly relax the hair without touching the scalp or overlapping previously relaxed hair.

Q. Can the PhytoRelaxer be used on previously highlighted or color-treated hair?

A. The PhytoRelaxer should never be used on highlighted, bleached or henna treated hair. However, you can use the PhytoRelaxer on color-treated hair if the hair has not been lifted more than two levels. The current color and more importantly, the overall condition of the hair will determine if the hair is ready for a PhytoRelaxer.

Q. Can I color my hair the same day of the PhytoRelaxer application?

A. You can color the same day as the PhytoRelaxer application only if you use semi-permanent, color-rinse, or no ammonia or peroxide hair color.

Q. If the PhytoRelaxer safe to use during pregnancy?

A. Yes. It does not contain any of the harsh chemicals usually associated with relaxers such as ammonium thioglycolate, lithium, sodium or calcium hydroxides.