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«Within every man, there's a thoughtful husband, a loving father and an honest friend.
There's a man of respect, confidence and determination who deserves to look as good as he feels.
Within every man, there's a hero»

It started with a mission to develop the product line for man that would deliver an unequaled level of performance to meet his specific needs. The result is  Eufora HERO for Men, a new brand and complete line of men's grooming products guaranteed to exceed his highest expectations.

  • Complete Shampoo – Concentrated cleanser for healthy scalp, hair and skin.
  • Revitalizing Treatment – Provides scalp health benefits and strengthens and moisturizes hair.
  • Thickening Elixir – Leave-in treatment product for thicker, fuller looking and feeling hair.
  • Grooming Cream – Light to medium hold, pliable styling product provides versatility and frizz control.
  • Texture Putty – Extra strong, pliable, matte finish styling product to form, mold and solidify your style.
  • Styling Wax – Medium hold, maximum shine pomade for versatile, pliable styling.
  • Exceptional Shave – Unique 3 in 1 shave and skin care product for the closest, smoothest shave.

Eufora Hero for Men provides real solution for hair, scalp and skin issues specific to men. Their proprietary technology addresses their concerns such as: thin, fine or thinning hair, scalp and skin conditions that cause itching and flaking, excess sebum production and greasiness, and sensitivity to grooming products.

Eufora Hero for Men does not include the undesirable ingredients, such as petrolatum, that can contribute to scalp irritation and clogged hair follicles. They never use artificial colors and their aromas are a blend of pure essential oils not artificial substitutes. The secret behind this line's superior performance is in Eufora's own ProAmino Peptide Complex, a synergy of plant and skin care science. This unique proprietary blend specifically targeted to improve men's hair, skin and scalp health.

Transform your daily shower and shave routine into the ultimate grooming experience.

Eufora HERO for Men ... because great products are not just for her.

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