Manicure and Pedicure Packages

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Slow beauty for the Fast World

Knick Salon and Spa provides a serene setting that allows you to slow down, relax, nourish and reconnect mind, body, and spirit. In keeping with our commitment to the eco-friendly, sustainable practices we offer beauty rituals designed to Close Your Eyes,​ Look Inside ​find your Instinctual self and be Infinitely Loving.
Those are the 4 States of beauty offered by SpaRitual skin, nail and bodycare products we offer to our clients. Formulated with vegan ingredients from around the world, using certified Organic and Fair Trade plant essences and 100% vegan, DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde free nail polishes, designed to complement and enhance mulitsensory experience.
​Great experience to experience by yourself, share with the friend, romantic partner or for a spa party. ​


Classic Ritual Manicure

This classic treatment cleanses and shapes the nails, trims the cuticles, and finishes with buff or polish for a well-groomed statement. Ideal for those on the go, while creating a signature ritual spa experience.
45 Minutes $30

Signature Beauty Ritual Manicure

The ultimate treatment for your hands and arms! Begins with an opening breathing ritual customized for your mind, body and spirit. Experience deep exfoliation followed by a beautiful arm and hand bathing experience to cleanse away any tension and stress. Envelope hands with warm paraffin-free mask to soothe and soften your hands. A signature massage finishes the ritual, after nails are groomed, shaped and perfectly polished or buffed.
60 minutes $40

SpaRitual Gold Manicure

Double the wear of your manicure with SpaRitual Gold flexible color system. Quick drying, smudge repairing technology that self levels and self corrects, exceptional high shine finish, double the wear of regular manicure.
45 Minutes $35

Gel Manicure

The popular no-chip gel manicure cures in seconds and lasts for weeks. Shaped to the natural nails for the optimal comfort and longevity, this manicure is available in an array of high-gloss polish colors.

  • Initial Application Gel Manicure: 60 minutes $45
  • Soak Off & Reapplication Gel Manicure: 75 minutes $55
  • Soak Off & Classic Manicure: 60 minutes $40
  • Soak Off Only: 15 minutes $15


Classic Ritual Pedicure

An express pedicure experience to restore balance for your mind, body and spirit needs. Includes exfoliation of dead skin, moisturizing massage of the legs and feet, cleansing and shaping of the nails, cuticle work, and finishes with perfect polish or buff.
60 minutes $40

Signature Beauty Ritual Pedicure

Our ultimate pedicure begins with a customized breathing ritual to create mind, body and spirit balance. A signature fragrance travels with you through an aroma journey while ultra-luxe exfoliating and masque treatments restore hydration, moisture and a beautiful glow to your skin. Experience a signature moisturizing massage of your legs and feet as it melts away tension and stress, and finish with shaping of the nails, cuticle work, and polish or buff for finely groomed toes!
75 minutes $55

Gel Pedicure

The popular no-chip gel polish is also available for the toes! This pedicure cures in seconds and lasts for weeks, in an array of best-selling colors with high-gloss shine.

  • Initial Gel Express Pedicure: 75 minutes $55
  • Soak Off & Reapplication Classic Pedicure: 90 minutes $70

Nails Add Ons

  • Polish Change Only: $15
  • French Tip Manicure or Pedicure: $10
  • French Tip Gel Manicure or Pedicure: $12
  • Extra 15 minute Hand/Leg Massage: $15
  • Add-on 15 minute Neck & Shoulder Massage: $25

Classic Ritual Mani/Pedi Combo - $65

Signature Beauty Ritual Mani/Pedi Combo - $85

Gift Certificates available in any dollar amount

*) Prices are subject to change without notice.